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NASA's Astronauts are proving flowers can grow on space

NASA astronaut and Space Station crew member Kjell Lindgren set up a plant growth experiment Monday that could yield the first flowers (in this case, zinnias) ever grown onboard the space laboratory, according to NASA...

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10 Great Flash Mobs In Love With Uptown Funk

Not very slow for a featured song by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk has been hot for months. A hit song like Gangnam Style was doing the same thing before when it made many of great flash mobs around the world s..

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Eshima Ohashi Bridge's So Cool !!!

A bridge, Eshima Ohashi expanding over Lake Nakaumi in Japan, has been said it looks alike a roller coaster. Check this out. Look at how it's really a roller coaster !!!..

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