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Different Ages of Neung Nai Suang VS Real Life

Seniority is one of Asian ways to hold their families and societies together. Thai people, like other Asians, are addressing people with ranking of ages. Look at these definitions showing age ranking in Thai language. Pe..

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Hot soccer players of 2014 FIFA World Cup: listed by MThai English

Many of Thai people, females and charm-spelled fans, have paid so much attention on good-looking soccer players from around the world set up by a group of great-spelled fans of the World Cup 2014 in order for sharing nic..

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Learning Thai: Thai – English Proverbs

To see how similar/ different between Thai and English proverbs offers a good learning things of cross-cultures in Thailand. Thai people have their own way of thinking about things around them, so do other nationalities...

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Thai Language: In Labour is hurt in tummy

To labour is an English phrase less familiar for most of Thai people. It is a word of pregnancy terms. To labour or labor in Thai is Jeb Thong. ..

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Gin Khao: Not Only Having Rice

Learning Thai from what you heard is nice. To have rice in Thai is not only having some rice, but we have rice and something else. Gin khao - to have rice...

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