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Thai Breakfast worth trying especially when you visit Thailand

Breakfast is for breaking the fast (starving) we have the whole night. Thais breakfast is spoken Khao chao or Aharn chao or even Meu chao...

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3 Things Thais & Indians Do soo Similar (Part I)

Thailand and India are good friends in many aspects. Not only the modern age friendship, but the similarities between two nations are also rooted for thousand years after Thailand then was Siam influenced by Khom, whose ..

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9 Species found Only In Thailand

The difference of ecological conditions has created variety of unique types of domestic animals, which also called endemic species that are never found anywhere else, but Thailand. MThai English has been acknowledged by..

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19 Ways showing Daddy Loves You

Fathers' love is some ways and sometimes are different from mother's. Witness these men express their love to their kids. These might convince daddies always love you. No matter how they did, they did it for love. ..

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17 fail photos of people who didn't hesitate to say its not my job

"That's not my job." People use that phrase all the time and sometimes they're right — but other times they're simply being lazy, unwilling to do any extra work like moving a tree branch. Thankfully, the subreddit r/NotM..

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8 Floating Markets Filling Your Heart with Thai Ways of Living

A place would be impressed during a visit to Thailand is a floating market, where Thai people living by the water are showing ways of living, which different from others. Floating markets are where locals gating around t..

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32 English Words Mostly Mispronounced by Foreigners (2)

MThai English has just introduced what Jakub Marian who wrote a book about English Pronunciation rounded up 31 English Words Mostly Mispronounced by Foreigners (1). Here is the later part ending of all 31 words. Let's s..

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32 English Words Mostly Mispronounced by Foreigners (1)

Jakub Marian, a writer of a book about English Pronunciation has listed some of the most commonly mispronounced words (mostly by foreigners). MThai English sees it’s good to know. Let’s learn together...

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9 Things Must Be Alerted in A Rainy Season

The rainy season came late this year. Storms are lashing Thailand on queue. Showering may decline the heat, yet it’s too annoying, trouble making to ones travelling every morning and after work. MThai English has grab..

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Middle Siblings: 10 Best Things and Their Famous Ones

Getting stuck in the middle seems awkward and hard for many of us. Middle siblings or even considered Wednesday children who get in the blue for all the time, are best in their own ways...

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“Farang Long Thailand” Daniel Fraser (Part II)

Daniel Fraser, better known as Dae-nio Farang Long Krung has done a greater lost in Thailand, when he visited many of destinations, where he fell for their beauties like nowhere else in the world. Whether Northern, North..

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‘Farang Long Krung’ Daniel Fraser, still lost in Thailand (Part I)

First lost in Thailand, after moving here with a degree from a college in Texas, the U.S. happened when he was introduced to a person. Daniel Fraser then, 21, with little knowledge about Thailand was surprised with a per..

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157K of New Grads in Thailand Must Deal With Jobless

It’s 1 % higher than last year, when Thai labours are 38.94 million people, it is about 389,400 people or more are going to be jobless this year...

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Art Exhibition In Human

Human is social animal who has basic need in 4 requisites including Biological needs, Physiological needs, Psychological needs and Sociological needs...

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Jay Edd’s Advices : Staying in a Homestay in Japan (Part II)

Don’t expect Japanese food at a homestay the same way as found in a Japanese restaurant serving sushi and tempura. They are homemade food the way a family is normally having. Some of Japanese families have breakfast with..

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