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31 Photos of Animals Having Good Time in The Snow

When the gloomy autumn has passed by, here comes the sleepy snowy day. In the winter, everything looks dull and lonely, however some animals choose to entertain themselves by going out and enjoy the snow. They run around..

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Puppucino mustache making your dogs even more adorable

After a while of driving away from home, you would want a cup of coffee. A drive-through restaurant is overthere. Why don't you get one for a better driving and less thirsty? Ah oh !! look at the back seat, or at your li..

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Dogs Should Also Stick With “Clean”

Let’s keep our best friend pets healthy by feeding them good food. Clean food is trendy for Thai people these days when it’s considered a health-concerned food, so do their canines. Clean food ideas have not only been sp..

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Christmas cats Keeping our Christmas Trees

Christmas is one of the most our favorite moments of a year. It's the time we get together; families and friends are spending joyful hours at a great meal and gifts exchange. Everyone loves Christmas, even our little fri..

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31 Hot Guys with Dogs look Hotter than Ones Without them

Hot guys might have to step aside when they come without their bffs. Whether a prince carrying a little friend in his arms, to common guys taking care of his furry friends, could draw a lot of fans on their sides. The u..

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A woman is knitting tiny sweaters for her chickens to wear in winter

While many of us are hunkering down for the winter and investing in some heavy knits to see us through the chilly climes, spare a thought for our poor feathered friends. Battery hens, which have spent most if not all of ..

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36 Photos of Photo-Booth Canines by Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry is a professional portrait photographer from St. Louis, Missouri. Terry has been working with animals for over 10 years. Terry told MThai English that she first came up with the idea of a photo booth series ..

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43+ Yawning Dogs Might Awake You

Yawning is a form of dog body language. When you see your dog yawning, it is a form of dog communication or stress. To understand the real meanings of the gesture is upon the situation. When they yawns while stretched ou..

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32 Colors of the Forest

Deep in the forests around the world, many of us know nothing much. The forests tamp lots of nature offering colorful paintings on the largest canvas. MThai English has brought you some of great colors of wildlife with 3..

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10 Adorable Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cats)

The maneki neko or beckoning cat is believed bringing fortune and wealth to the owner as a legend told about a stray cat brought to a poor Japanese painter/artist’s house by his servant, after that the painter became ric..

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23 Cutest Marshmallow Cats You Might not Want To Eat

Yawahada Marshmallow Shop selling its cute products through the website, based in Japan has been, for years, offering its great forms of marshmallow and nice Japanese style desserts that internationally shipped orders ar..

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Starla Halfmann: Her Miracle Arts of Animals and English Alphabets

An Austinite, Starla Michelle Halfmann, a professional artist and Texas native, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Design Communications from Texas Tech University. Currently, Starla's work is featured in Anth..

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