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Thai Breakfast worth trying especially when you visit Thailand

Breakfast is for breaking the fast (starving) we have the whole night. Thais breakfast is spoken Khao chao or Aharn chao or even Meu chao...

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3 Things Thais & Indians Do soo Similar (Part I)

Thailand and India are good friends in many aspects. Not only the modern age friendship, but the similarities between two nations are also rooted for thousand years after Thailand then was Siam influenced by Khom, whose ..

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The World Celebrates the International Year of Soils on Dec 5, 2015

Thailand is proud of celebrating one of the greatest days of the year again on the coming December 5, 2015, for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday, which prior declared by the UN the World Soil Day and eventu..

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10+ Different Meanings of Loy Krathong

The coming November 25, 2015 is the day Thailand and some of South East Asian countries paying respect to the rivers and their waters, which are believed they’re protected by the goddess of river or Phra Mae Kongka. The ..

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8 Floating Markets Filling Your Heart with Thai Ways of Living

A place would be impressed during a visit to Thailand is a floating market, where Thai people living by the water are showing ways of living, which different from others. Floating markets are where locals gating around t..

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The Shock Thailand: 2 Decades of Haunting Tales

The Shock Thailand’s recently sounded off one of its annual activities, Stand Up Shock Story 2015 in the coming October. The event will be gathering great ghost related and haunting stories that will be told on the stage..

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“Farang Long Thailand” Daniel Fraser (Part II)

Daniel Fraser, better known as Dae-nio Farang Long Krung has done a greater lost in Thailand, when he visited many of destinations, where he fell for their beauties like nowhere else in the world. Whether Northern, North..

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‘Farang Long Krung’ Daniel Fraser, still lost in Thailand (Part I)

First lost in Thailand, after moving here with a degree from a college in Texas, the U.S. happened when he was introduced to a person. Daniel Fraser then, 21, with little knowledge about Thailand was surprised with a per..

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